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Are you…

  • On a heart-felt mission to make a difference in the world we live in?
  • Determined to leave a legacy of “doing well by doing good”?
  • Relentlessly pursuing opportunities to create social impact and value?
  • Committed to the self-sustainability of your mission?
  • Engaged in a continuous process of  innovation, adaptation and learning?
  • Prepared to act boldly without being limited by resources at hand?
  • Generating >5% of revenues from the sale of products and services?
  • Openly accountable for the impact and outcomes you create?
  • Ready to lead and be the change you want to see?


…You Are an “Impact Entrepreneur”…

Impact Entrepreneurs are conscious creators like you seeking new ways to positively impact people, planet and profit as we enter the next century…

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Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine is a community sponsored transmedia publication for people united by a common interest or goal… people devoted to making a difference in the world we live in through the use of conscious commerce and social entrepreneurship.  This publication honors your distinctive status and assures that social entrepreneurship is not treated lightly.

As agents of change, and a special breed of leader, you should be recognized as such. Today less than 10% of global entrepreneurial activity is driven by visionary leaders like you; thought leaders innovators and conscious entrepreneurs who are starting or managing a sustainable enterprise with a social, cultural or environmental mission.

Impact Entrepreneurship Magazine invites you to support our cause and offers several membership opportunities for our community to engage, collaborate, cooperate and help others by becoming a member of our community.

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